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5 Important Points About Tape-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

What do you need to know about Tape-in remy human hair extensions?

1. What are Tape-in Remy human hair extensions ?

l Using Tape-in remy human hair extensions is one of the most convenient and quick ways to increase hair volume and change hair style and color. It uses an adhesive to extend the hair on the original hair. Since the adhesive used is a medical adhesive, it will not cause any damage to the hair. Since the adhesive base is very thin, you can easily stick the tape and lay it flat on your head to easily blend with natural hair. Not only that, it saves a lot of time using remy human hair extensions, it only takes less than an hour to complete, but in order to make wearing comfortable and avoid hair tangling and knotting, Tape-in remy human hair extensions requires professional hair stylist to wear it. 

2How to put in Tape-in Remy human hair extensions ?

l Before you apply the remy human hair extensions, don’t wash your hair. Put your hair in desired area where extension needs to be applied.

lRemove the cover, line up the extensions directly even with the scalp and attach by pressing to piece of desired hair. 

lYou can double the thickness by adding another layer to the underneath of the piece.

lThe two sticky sides will be facing each other and your section of hair will be in the middle.

lPress it in place with your fingertips to secure. Apply pressure with fingers for 5-10s to hold.

lOnce hair is in, use a hair straightener or perm to shape your hair into the style you want under low heat.

3. What the advantages of Tape-in Remy Human hair extensions ?

l Easy to maintain: Since Tape-in remy human hair extensions is sticky, you only need to insert it into your hair when you need it. Although this hair also needs maintenance, you only need to perform ordinary maintenance like your own hair.

l High versatility: After wearing this remy human hair extensions, you can try any hairstyle you want, whether it is a long wavy hairstyle, a long braid, or a ponytail, you can try it at will.

l Long lasting: Due to the use of the best medical adhesives, the adhesion is very good and the bonding time is long. Not only that, the hair itself made of 100% Remy has good hair quality and is not easy to knot or pull.

l Very convenient: The advantage of using this remy human hair extensions is that it is different from other remy human hair extensions. Even if you want to exercise, shower, or swim, you can wear it, while other remy human hair extensions require you to take them off.

4.How to care Tape-in Remy Human hair extensions?

l If you buy Remy Tape-in remy human hair extensions, then this remy human hair extensions is extremely versatile. You can choose to straighten, curl or dye your hair in a darker color, but it’s best to avoid the adhesive part being exposed to high temperatures. Lead to aging of the adhesive, resulting in prolonged hair loss.

l Try to keep the hair roots and bonding parts dry. Long-term moisturizing will also reduce the adhesive's viscosity, and finally cause the hair to fall out.

l Try to avoid the use of conditioners and oily products. These will also cause the hair to extend the stickiness of the adhesive. When washing the hair, it is best to avoid shampoos or care products containing sulfates.

l Use a hairbrush regularly to comb your hair. It is very important to use a special hairbrush, such as the air cushion hairbrush we give away after the customer places the first order, to avoid pulling between the hair, and never comb from the root of the hair, which is likely to damage Hair lengthening, not only that, but it is also best not to comb the hair when the hair is wet.

5.How to remove Tape-in Remy Human hair extensions ?

l If you need to remove the Tape-in remy human hair extensions, the best way is to make an appointment for a salon to help you complete the entire procedure. If you are familiar with this operation, you can also do it yourself.

l A very important raw material is Tape-in removal glue, which is also available on our official website. The purpose of removing the glue is to moisten the bond, thereby decomposing the adhesive, and then extend the hair out. In order to ensure that the glue is completely removed and does not remain on the hair and scalp, a special shampoo is required for final washing.