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What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Thin Or Fine Hair?

The answer is: Tape in hair extensions! Non-Damaging! Lightweight! Invisible! 

What are tape-in hair extensions?

Tape-in extensions are hair extensions that are attached using medical-grade adhesive. They consist of short wefts that can look very natural and are quick to apply.

How can I make my tape-ins more secure?

1. Make sure they were put in correctly.

2. Do NOT color your hair the same day you get tape-ins.

3. No alcohol or oil based products should be used while wearing straight, wavy tape in hair extensions or curly tape in hair extensions, these will break tape adhesive down much faster. Use special hair extension hair care products to ensure long lasting tape extensions.

4. If you have naturally oily hair, tape in extensions won't hold as long and you will need to replace your tape more frequently - every 6 weeks to so. Try using oil control shampoo.

Are tape extensions bad for your hair?

They can be. All extensions add weight to your hair that can lead to breakage. Tape-ins should be removed by a stylist who can dissolve the adhesive and carefully remove them.