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Heart of beauty in everyone! No matter your hair are wavy or curly,they all your beloved! Nowadays, many people like to have curly hair,although they are beautiful,not easy to care for!Then how to take care for them well? Here some advice for you!

1、Special care solution for curling hair

You’d better use care solution special for curly hair!Hairdresser's advice is to use the care solution that contains almonds ingredient to care for your hair.Because almond essence is more easily penetrated into the damaged hair,repair from inside the hair, so that the hair quickly returned to health!

2、Hair dryer only for curly hair

When using a hair dryer to blow curly hair, care should be taken that the hair root blows toward the tail of the hair,to avoid from hurting! In addition, hair dryer but also along the comb to move, then your hair not easy to deform!

3、Use Mousse for keeping curl

If your hair are thin and soft,you had better use the Mousse、Nutritional water……Because the Mousse texture lighter,more good for keeping your hair curly. And use the Mousse from the hair gently rub up, not by the hair roots down, because if you do that,it is so easy to straighten the hair, damage the volume! Usually use the Mousse when the hair is 70%  or 80% dry,the effect will be better!

4、Please pay attention these when you wash your curly hair

You had better use wide teeth comb to comb your hair, to avoid they twining together. And use the shampoo special for curly hair, put the shampoo on your hand and rub out the foam, to avoid hair damage to hair by direct contact with shampoo!Of course the water temperature need to be appropriate, and the hair conditioner need to be special for curly hair, too.

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