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How To Make Clips On Extensions

Find some threads that are very close to the color of your hair extension. Grasp the end of the thread and pull out a long section until its length is twice the length of the arm, which can exceed the length of the arm. After all, having a longer thread is not better than a later thread.

Pass the thread through the needle hole, pull the thread end of the needle hole that passes through, and align it with the end of the other end, so that the length of the thread at both ends of the needle hole is approximately the same. Pinch the two ends and tie the knots. If the knots are smaller, you can tie a few more to make the knots on the old ones. The knots will be larger than the previous ones, so that the thread can be fixed better.

Locate the left or right edge of the extension, and then pass the needle through the top of the weft thread. Pull the needle through the looped thread to tie the knot, and then tighten the thread. Place the clip face up (the round part of the clip face up is the front face) on the edge of the weft thread. If your clip faces the wrong direction and forms a "U" shape, you will not be able to connect the hair extensions correctly.

Knot the thread around the first hole of the wig clip 3 times. Pass the thread through the first wig clip hole, and then pass the thread through the loop connected to the needle. Tighten the thread so that it is pinched along the wig, which helps to hold it in place. Tie 2 more knots like this, and fix the clip firmly to the hair extension. For extra support, you can wrap the thread around the needle 3 times to form an extra safety knot. At this time, the first port on the clip is fixed.

Repeat the loop threading and triple knotting process until the last opening is reached. After going through all the openings, cut off the excess thread on the clip.