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How To Make I-tip Hair Extension By Yourself

1. Moisten the part of the hair that needs to be extracted on the wig with water, and then use scissors to cut a strand of hair under the weft of the wig

2. Use tweezers to place the keratin on the heated straight hair clip and wait for a few minutes. As the temperature of the straight hair clip increases, the keratin will slowly melt

3. When it melts into a drop shape, place a strand of hair on the straight hair clip, close the straight hair clip, let it stand for a few seconds, open the straight hair clip, you will find that the melted keratin sticks to the hair, that is The glue is glued to the hair. At this time, all you need to do is rub the top of the hair to make it into a ball, and make sure that the top is round and slender. This step is very important so that you can install the beads later. Pass the hair smoothly through the beads. The end of the hair may be somewhat straight, not round. You can trim it with scissors and remove the straight end of the top.

4. Application installation: After finishing, you can install it on your hair, use the latch door hook to pass through the bead first, make it at the bottom of the latch door hook, separate a strand of your own hair, use the latch door Hook the top of your hair, then push the bead up to the top, pull it, and you will find that your own hair passes through the bead, then take out your own extension, pass through the bead, and place it on top of your own hair. Use the micro expansion clamp to clamp down, and it will be successfully installed.