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How to revive the old extensions

Maybe you are worrying about your old hair extension has no luster. You don't know how to save it. Maybe you can read this blog, it will tell you how to restore old hair extensions and make hair extensions look new.


1.Fill the sink with warm water , add sulfate-free shampoo , stir until it is completely mixed , put the hair in after mixing , and wash them one by one to ensure that the hair is not tangled in the water .

2. After washing , start using the conditioner , fill the sink with boiling water , add two tablespoons of conditioner , stir until blended , and then add a drop of silicone oil to the water . Silicone oil can increase the moisture and shine of the hair , and boiling water helps to open the cuticle Layer , put the hair in the water again for washing , completely immerse , soak for 10 minutes , so that the conditioner and silicone oil will penetrate deeper .

3. After 10 minutes , take it out and place the hair flat on a towel . Use a nourishing hair mask to apply each weft to add moisture to the hair . After applying it , wait for 30 minutes .

4. Rinse it with cold water after 30 minutes to remove the conditioner and shampoo from the hair . Cold water helps to close the hair scales and seal the conditioner , silicone spray,and hair mask .

5. After cleaning , place it flat on the towel again , comb with a comb to remove all tangles , after combing , spray silicone to add moisture , and dry the hair extension overnight .

6. After the hair is completely dry the next morning , prepare a heat protectant and spray it on the hair . Use a hair straightener to straighten each weft . The straightening helps seal the silicone touch and presents a very shiny effect . You will find your extension has a new look .