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Everything You Need To Know About Clip-in Extensions: Which Are The Best Hair Extensions For Beginners

Question: Is one pack of clip-in hair extensions enough ?

Answer: Whether it is enough depends on your hair volume and your hair style needs. There are three styles of hair extension clips: ten pieces of hair extension clips, total weight 145g; nine pieces of hair extension clips, total weight 95g; and seven pieces, weight 70g. For PCS hair extensions of 7 inches long, 2-3 sets are required for 16"-20" hair. Therefore, the specific number of packages needed needs to be judged by your own volume. The best way is to consult our customer service, we will provide one-to-one service.

1.What are clip-in hair extensions ? 

Clip-in hair extension  is a very fast and convenient hair extension. It is often used by celebrities to participate in awards ceremony or attending events, etc., because the process of wearing this hair extension is very easy and fast. Normally, you can wear it yourself without the help of others. Not only that, the hair extension and fixation method is simple, just like using a hair clip. Wearing this hair extension, others can hardly see its existence, because it can be as natural as the original hair.

Clip-in hair extensions are distinguished by the length of the weft. clip-in hair extensions with different lengths of weft can solve the problems of different degrees of hair thinning, because some people’s hair is only partially sparse, and some people’s hair is sparse overall. Therefore, the plasticity of the clip-in hair extension is very strong.


2.The advantages of clip-in hair extensions (Pro)

● Efficient and convenient

You can wear a clip-on hair extension when you need to use it, and remove it when you don’t need it, such as sleeping or bathing. This is very suitable for people who need to exercise frequently and tie their hair. Not only that, the clip-on hair extension can be used for overall styling, so it can be qualitative the day before use, and there is no need to rush to curl or straighten the hair the next morning.

● Easy to use

Due to the low difficulty of wearing, this hair extension can be done alone, so it is very suitable for novices and people who don't often take care of their hair. Many novices can quickly and skillfully complete the wearing process after wearing it several times.

● Good concealment

The clip-type hair extension uses a clip made of silicone lining material, which means that while providing the best safety, it can also reduce the tension of the hair. In addition, the material can also prevent slippage and prevent the hair from falling off. Pulling damage between hair.

3.The disadvantages of clip-in hair extensions (Con)

 Non-permanent hair extension

This hair extension needs to be removed when sleeping and bathing, and if it is left for too long or not washed carefully, it may cause hair knotting and other problems.

● Hair may be stressed

If the hair is connected to the hair extension at the same place, these hairs will be under pressure. Therefore, changing the clip position from time to time can better protect the hair.

● Low degree of customization

This hair extension is different from individual hair extension, it cannot be personalized by mixing several different color extensions.

4.For people who can wear them ?

This hair clip is extremely versatile, almost everyone can wear it, because this hair extension only increases the volume of the hair physically, but for people with severely thinning hair, you need to consult a professional doctor for it. Wear it to avoid unnecessary hair damage. For people who need to hurry and travel frequently, this hair extension is very efficient and convenient.

5.How to wear clip-in hair extensions ?

It is divided into 5 steps in total, you will be able to wear this hair extension very skillfully after repeated use.

First select the area where you want to place the hair extension. To grab a part of the hair, the width of the hair needs to be equal to the length of the hair extension. The purpose of this is to keep the hair neat and look more natural.

Apply texture spray on the roots of the hair. Remember that you don't need to use too much, just make the hair more texture. The purpose of this is to prevent slippage when using the hair clip, so that it can be firmly fixed to the hair.

Next, comb the hair about one inch from the root to the head. When the hair has a certain thickness, the extended clip can be inserted into the hair well. When combing the hair, a fine-toothed comb is a very good choice, because it can make the hair more neatly arranged.

Finally, put the clip directly on the hair/root of the scalp. The hair extension placed here is very concealed and will not be noticed at all, so when using this hair extension, there is no need to worry about whether the hair extension will be discovered or not.

Repeat these steps in all the places where you need to increase the hair volume. The amount of hair extension can be based on the appearance you want to use. If you only need to add part of the hair volume, then use hair extension in some places, if you need to increase the overall Hair volume, then you can repeat the use of multiple levels of hair extension.

6.How to care clip-in hair extensions ?

When using clip-in hair extension, how to care for hair extension is a very important issue, because only by proper care and maintenance can the extended life of the hair increase, and the extended cleaning of the hair can also keep the hair prolonged and beautiful. Our suggestion is that under normal circumstances, cleaning should be carried out at least once a month, and the following is the detailed steps of cleaning.

Swipe it

The most important step is to extend and comb the hair first. First, use a wide-toothed comb and brush to gently comb to remove the knots on the extension to prevent the hair from being pulled out. Secondly, tie the weft together to avoid knotting with the clamp.

Add shampoo to the container for washing hair extension

Fill the container with warm water and add about 2-3 pumps of moisturizing, alcohol-free, sulfate-free and colored hair-friendly shampoo in the water.

Apply shampoo on each weft

Apply shampoo to the hair extensions. Hold the weft yarn at the top, immerse it in water, and then gently wash the hair. Pay attention to this step slowly to avoid knotting. After washing each weft, put it neatly on a towel. After all the wefts have been cleaned, remember to leave it for 5 minutes before performing the final rinse.

Apply the hair mask

To keep your hair soft and moist, you can use a hair mask on the weft. Then it can be placed in the shower cap, this method can make the hair lengthen and fully absorb water.

Make sure they are rinsed

After washing all the weft threads at the end, feel whether the weft threads are soft and slippery by touching them. Avoid the presence of conditioners, otherwise these will become greasy after the hair lengthens and dries. Use cold water for the final rinse of the weft thread to maintain the gloss and texture.

Natural air dry

After rinsing the hair extension, squeeze the excess water with your hands. Avoid using a towel to dry it, which can cause hair knotting and damage. Finally let them air dry naturally.