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Jet Black Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

As a fair balance between the temporary benefits of clip in extensions, and the longer lasting effects of a weave, it seems natural that Jet Black Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are one of the most common choices for those looking to experiment with their hair. One of the best things about bonded hair extensions is that they don’t cause any damage to your natural hair, thanks to the special adhesives use.

Many of our customers consider their hair to be a major part of their identity, and extensions can be a great way of adding that extra oomph to your hair as well as your confidence. Whether you want to add length, volume or depth to your hair, our selection of bonded hair extensions covers your every need. Weightless and wavy or straight and sleek, a fuller head of hair can help you look the picture of health and wellbeing!

Best used for a few weeks, this type of product is great for trialling a more permanent decision, or just to try something a bit more daring for a short while. Whether you choose to match your extensions to your natural tone, or use it as an opportunity to inject a bit of colour, Jet Black Pre Bonded Hair Extensions allow you to embrace your creative side, without damaging your hair in the process.

Nail Tip Hair Extensions

Fusion U TIP hair extensions by Our Site is applied with a small keratin tip that is shaped like a U, also called Nail Tip extensions, Infusion or Hot Fusion hair extensions in 100% Human Remy Hair. U Tip hair extensions is a long lasting hair extensions method that you wear day and night for several months. It is the preferred method by many professional stylist and salons. Keratin is a fiber protein that you find in your natural hair. When you heat it up it melts and can be shaped and when it cools down it becomes harder. The keratin substance is already present in your own hair and will therefore not damage the hair. NOTE. You will not be able to apply U-TIPs all by yourself. We recommend assistance from a hair stylist. Please view our Faq for how to apply U-Tip Extensions. You are also gonna need the tools to apply the U-TIP hair extensions.