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Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair Extensions

Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair Extensions

With the development of hair extensions, the varieties of materials used for hair extensions are also evolving .Have you ever wondered what the hair extension material’s difference is? Are human hair extensions really that much better? Or can synthetic hair extensions actually work best for you? And how to choose them ? Many people have a hard time deciding between purchasing human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions, and then others probably never even knew there was a difference! Check out our full guide to human hair extensions vs synthetic hair extensions here!

What is Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Hair Extensions ?

Human hair extensions are made of 100% human hair.The human hair refers to hair of which the cuticle has been kept intact, not stripped, and aligned in the same direction. This procedure ensures that the hair will remain smooth, shiny, and silky throughout its lifetime.


Synthetic hair extensions are made from a variety of artificial materials such as acrylic, nylon, or polyesters, which are heated and sent through tiny micro tubes to mimic the look and feel of hair strands.


What is the difference between human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions ?

Ø Shade

Human hair extensions are more often available for toned and dyed to match your hair.

Synthetic hair extensions are usually flat, single-toned with a little unnatural looking shades. Often they cannot be toned or dyed to match your own hair .


Ø Texture

Human hair extensions are softer, silkier and more luster . These hair extensions have a natural protein and a much softer texture.

Synthetic hair extensions are not made from natural proteins . Therefore, they are much rougher and dryer to touch and less luster.


Ø Look&feel

Human hair extensions are very soft and silky and are flexible and smooth when we touch them. They feel healthy and shiny to them. 

Synthetic hair extensions feel much less soft and silky. They are often lusterless and look artificial. They are much less flexible than human hair and when we wear or touch it ,it feels stiff . 

Ø Styling

Human hair extensions can be safely heat styled and can handle higher temperatures like your own hair . There is much more safety and convenience for curling and creating different styles.

Synthetic hair extensions cannot be safely heated and often melt at high temperatures like your own hair. We need to be careful to do that.


Ø Burn test

Human hair extensions will burn slowly with little to no smoke. Burnt human hair extensions will also easily ash off after being lit.

Synthetic hair extensions will burn much faster with black smoke. The hair will melt together and ball up into clumps like you burn the plastic.


Ø Life span

Human hair extensions will last approximately 3 to 12 months,  and it depends on your careful maintenance and frequency of use.

Synthetic hair extensions have a shorter lifespan, approximately 3 months . 

Ø Cost

Human hair extensions cost more than synthetic hair extensions. However, the investment in higher quality extensions that last longer and look and feel better is certainly worth it. Right?