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Tips for coloring hair extensions

You know, the fibers used to make hair extension products are mainly human hair and synthetic hair. However, only hair extensions made from human hair can be successfully colored using conventional hair dyeing methods. The best way to color human hair extensions are to use single-process permanent dyeing on hair extensions, but semi-permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair dyeing can also be used. We do not recommend that you bleach a second time because Human hair used for hair extensions will undergo bleaching and recoloring before being made into wigs. The second bleaching will damage the hair extensions.


Below are some tips we shared about dyeing hair extension:

●Don't believe the picture on the hair dye package. Since the hair extension is dyed with a permanent fabric acid premetallized dye that can react with hydrogen peroxide, when the oxidized hue touches the hair extension, the final color may be different from what we expected. Therefore, we recommend that you test it first to see the result of the selected color. In this way, adjust the hair color until you get the shade you need.

●Do not use hydrogen peroxide with a volume of more than 20, because the hair extensions are already colored when they are made, so using more than 20 volumes of hydrogen peroxide may damage the extension, especially light-colored hair extensions. It is also best to use cream-based peroxides as this is much gentler for hair extensions.

●Keep away from ammonia, the product ammonia is harmful to hair, can damage the hair, and may cause damage to the structural integrity of the epidermis.

●Bundle and disperse, tie the hair down, and divide the hair extension into 2 or 3 groups when planning to color. This prevents dryness and spots on the hair.

●Dilute the color of the hair extension, you need to be extra careful, because the faded color lightens too much, it may permanently damage the hair extension. It is recommended that the color of the bleach on the color wheel is only lightened, and not overused, so as not to damage the hair extension.

●When dyeing hair, it is recommended to use plastic wrap to cover the ends of the hair to protect them, and use a color treatment brush to brush down the body of the hair extensions to spread them out, which can make the color more uniform. Make sure to hold the handle firmly when combing. Avoid pulling, so as not to cause the hair to fall off. After applying the dye, it is recommended to check the hair frequently, preferably every 5 minutes, because the water content of light-colored hair extensions is low, and sometimes when the lighter hair extensions are colored Color results appear quickly, and dark hair extensions may take 30-40 minutes for the fuel color to deposit.

●After the hair is dyed, rinse carefully so that the roots are fixed upwards and rinsed down. After rinsing, remove the plastic wrap on the roots, dry the hair with a towel, grab the roots, brush gently and shake the hair to loosen the hair, air dry or use low Heat to dry.