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tape in hair extensions

What are the Tape In hair extensions?

Tape In hair extensions are pre taped and made from high quality 100% human hair, they are the newest most innovative extensions method on the market and are extremely popular. Tape In hair extensions are also called seamless or skin weft hair extensions, they are easy to install and remove, relatively easy to put in tape in hair extensions to thin and fine hair. As the name suggests, Tape in hair extensions come with strips of medical-grade adhesive that's attached to the top of the weft, Which are a super grade adhesive. This means your hair is generally not messy, It’s designed to add volume, length and thickness in approx an hour! This is the first choice for women with long hair, designed to suit and adapt to thinner, sparser textures. There are various textures of tape in hair: straight, wavy, curly, kinky curly and different lengths: 16 Inches, 20 Inches, 30 Inches and so on.

What hair used for Tape In Hair Extensions?

Most Tape In Hair Extensions come pre-taped meaning you will only have to focus on installing the hair alone, As this method offers a more permanent installation, it is highly recommended to use human hair rather than synthetic hair. For a full head you will probably need around 4 packs 80pcs to get a full head effect. You can use any type of hair whether you want double drawn extensions or cuticle aligned hair.

How long does Tape In Hair Extensions can last?

Tape In hair extensions normally lasts 6 to 12 months, depending on rate of the hair's grown, care of hair and use. It's easy to re-tape,only needing some extra Double Sided Tape, Our hair extensions are re-usable for up to 3 re-application.

Caring for your Tape In Hair Extensions.

Try to avoid the use of conditioners and oily products. These will also cause the hair to extend the stickiness of the adhesive. When washing the hair, it is best to avoid shampoos or care products containing sulfates. Never sleep with wet hair extensions, Use a comb to comb your hair to prevent it from tangling.

Where to buy Tape In Hair Extensions?

There are also many companies out there offering tape in hair extensions made from human hair and the prices can vary dramatically depending on where you are ordering the hair extensions from. Our tape in extensions is high quality and price is low, it is affordable tape in hair extensions, we have our own factory, you can click here to buy the tape in human hair extensions on our website.