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  • How To Braid Wet Hair For Natural Waves

  • Today's blog will be your guide to how to braid wet hair easily. Make gorgeous waves on your hair in a few simple steps. This trick is super useful for those who want to achieve a new hairstyle without heat damage. Our hair or hair extensions will be protected, when reducing the usage of heat-based styling tools. This trick can be used on any ...

  • How to choose different weights of hair extensions

  • If you are looking to buy hair extensions online, one of the first questions you may have is "how do I know what weight hair extensions are right for me? From 50 grams to 200 grams and often even more than that and I believe this makes so many people confused. Your own hair type and your desired length will determine how many grams you will ...

  • Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

  • Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Natural hair? A question that has been asked all the time and will continue to be asked more in the future. The FACT is, there is no clear-cut way to answer this question, with it comes a whole load of ifs and buts. When used them incorrectly, any product applied to the hair or ...

  • 10 Benefits Of Wearing Hair Extensions

  • Are you considering getting hair extensions, but still undecided? This blog post offers valuable insights and presents 10 compelling reasons why opting for hair extensions can transform your hair like never before.Human hair extensions can revolutionize your hairstyle by providing thickness, length, and even a pop of color for the new season. ...


  • Hair extensions are an expensive investment, and it is very important for you to know about how to properly care for them. So that you can reduce the damage of the hair extensions and save your money. Hair extensions shedding is a real issue, it doesn't mean the poor quality! Like with natural hair, there are also many reasons that lead to ...

  • How Do You Stop Your Micro Loop From Slipping?

  • Why Are My Micro Loops Falling Out?One of the most important causes of micro rings slipping is not

  • Hair Extension VS Hair Transplantation

  • What Are Hair Extensions?

  • Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair Extensions

  • Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair Extensions

  • DIY Tape-in Extensions at Home, the Easy Way !

  • DIY Tape-in Extensions at Home, the Easy Way !

  • What is 6D hair extensions?

  • Question:  How long do 6D hair extensions last ?