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  • What is 6D hair extensions?

  • Question:  How long do 6D hair extensions last ?

  • You Need To Know About Secret Hair Extensions

  • ◆What is the secret hair extensions?The secret hair ext

  • Everything You Need To Know About Clip-in Extensions: Which Are The Best Hair Extensions For Beginners

  • Question: Is one pack of clip-in hair extensions enough ? Answer: Whether it is enough depends on your hair volume and your hair style needs. There are three styles of hair extension clips: ten

  • 5 Important Points About Tape-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

  • What do you need to know about Tape-in remy human hair extensions?

  • How To Care Your Clip In Extensions

  • 1. When You Use Hair Extensions, Remember To Tie Up Or Braid Your Natural Hair !Start with the hair on the bottom of the neck, wrap the hair and place it on the top of the head, and use a ha

  • How To Make Clips On Extensions

  • Find some threads that are very close to the color of your hair extension. Grasp the end of the thread and pull out a long section until its length is twice the length of the arm, which can exceed the length of the arm. After all, having a longer thread is not better than a later thread.

  • How To Make I-tip Hair Extension By Yourself

  • 1. Moisten the part of the hair that needs to be extracted on the wig with water, and then use scissors to cut a strand of hair under the weft of the wig

  • Tips For Coloring Hair Extensions

  • You know, the fibers used to make hair extension products are mainly human hair and synthetic hair. However, only hair extensions made from human hair can be successfully colored using conventional hair dyeing methods. The best way to color human hair extensions are to use single-process permanent

  • How To Wash Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Before washing, we need do some ready to work. Use the hair extension safety brush to brush your extension from head to tail. I recommend loop brush, be sure to brush gently from bottom to top! Make sure all the clips are closed. Fill the sink with warm water, fold the weft to make it easier to grasp.

  • Why Choose The Tape In Hair Extension?

  • Tape in hair extension is a type of hair extensions . It’s designed to add volume , length and thickness in approx an hour ! This is the first choice for women with long hair , designed to suit and adapt to thinner , sparser textures .